My weekend in the kitchen

Scored some fresh hams at Winco for 98 cents a pound, so I bought 2 packages with two roasts each. One I slow roasted on Friday, one I cut into two pieces (one boneless and the other still has the bone) and the other two I pooped inthe crockpot yesterday and pulled out this morning and they are in the fridge cooling off so I can shred and package them fo future meals.

The broth from the crock pot is in a sauce pan on a low simmer to reduce down so I can put it in the dehydrator to dry it and make pork base powder.

So onto the first roast. I pulled out my roaster with the U-shaped rack. I pulled on a food grade glove (here is a hint, while I don't worry about handling raw meat, I decided I was going to do a rub and the glove came in handy, one had handling the roast the other ungloved for pouring on the spices). I went with lemon Old Bay, garlic powder and onion powder. I rubbed that roastto with an inch of it's life and sprinkled some Trader joes white basalmic vinegar on just before putting it in the oven. I set the oven for 275F and let it do its thing.

While the roast was cooking I sliced some sweet onions and into the dehydrator they went.

When dinner time came, I did a variation on my Dad's onion stuffed onion recipe. I didn't feel like stuffing onions, so I diced them, mixed them with 1 couple handfuls of shreddered chedder cheese, some shredded mozzarella and crumbled in feta. I then added about a teaspon or so of paprika, apinch of salt and then crushed up some fried chinese noodles an mixed it all together with 1/2 cup melted butter. I put the mixture into a baking dish and into the oven on 350F while I pulled the roast out. I covered the roast with foil and let it rest over the vent from the oven.

Sat morning I did pancakes. I cheated and used Bisquick (one of my favorite cheats), tho i didn't have quite enough to make a full batch. So I added some flour, baking soda and baking poweder and then mixed my milk with some plain yogurt to give it more of a buttermilk tang. Came out pretty tasty.

Dinner last night was simple. We picked up some dutch crunch rolls at Winco. I split them in half and for hubby I diced on some leftover roast pork and then sprinkled it with an 3 italian cheese mix. Into the toaster oven to bake. For mine I spinkled on some of the dried sweet 100s in olive oil and feta and baked those. MMMMMMMMMMMM With a glass of merlot and we had a nice simple dinner.

Today I'm just puttering around. As I said, I'll shred the pork and package it. Most I'll do plain, but some I'll put in a sauce before freezing the packages. I know I'll do at least one BBQ sauce.

No clue what I'll fix for dinner tonight, but I have lots of ingredients to choose from and I'll come up with something yummy.
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