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Homemade yogurt cream cheese

My 2nd batch of yogurt came out perfectly and I had decided I was going to make labneh, a middle eastern cream cheese.

This batch was very thick and creamy. I spooned out a 24 oz containers' worth so I could have some regular yogurt for the next couple days. I followed this recipe, tho since it called for a 12 oz container of Greek yogurt and I made a whole gallon, I winged it a bit on how many pinches of salt to use, about 10 pinches of kosher salt and then a tablespoon and a half of lemon juice (give or take). I blended that all in and then I ladled it into a wire mesh colander I had lined with some coffee filters I still had (I do need to see about buying some of the BIG coffee filters to make this step easier when I run out of the little ones):

1 gallon of milk makes a LOT of yogurt. I then folded over the filters, wrapped the strainer and the bowl in a plastic bag and into the refrigerator for 24 hours. I took it out once to pour the whey off into jars to save for other uses.

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