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Experiment in gluten free sourdough bread #1

Decided I wanted to try my hand at sourdough. I used to make it a lot before having to go gluten free and made some pretty killer bread. But working with non-wheat flour? That was going to require research and experimentation.

First up was making a GF sourdough starter. I found this recipe from Don't Waste the Crumbs and gave it a try.

So I pulled out my brown rice flour, a bowl, measuring cups and a coffee filter. Mixed up the rice flout with water and stashed the bowl on the microwave so it was out of the way and covered the bowl with the coffee filter.

Fed it for several days and I had wild yeast and live sourdough. Kept feeding it, tho not as regularly as the recipe said.

Finally was able to look at making bread, so I looked around and found this recipe on art of gluten-free Baking.

Started to gather my ingredients and realized I didn't have sorghum flour. So decided to use oat flour instead. Hauled out my kitchen scale and started assembling my dough.

Then I discovered I …

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