Crockpot apple butter

For the apple butter pumpkin pie I am going to make for the holidays, I need apple butter. After looking at what is available in the grocery stores I decided to make my own. I have no set recipe for this, but basically all you need is a crockpot, enough apples to fill it, apple cider and some spices.

I like using apple cider that is simply that. The ingredients list on this brand says "apple cider". Nothing added, just liquid apple goodness.

I used Fujis and galas, you can use what you like, but I found thses to make a nice apple butter.

Wash, peel and wash the apples again. You don't have to have them peeled perfectly, a little apple skin in the butter is fine.

Quarter the apples and cut the core out, making sure you get the seeds and the non-edible flower end and the stem.

Put the apple chinks into the crockpot.

Don't worry if you have more pieces then space, simply put the extra into a container with water and a bit of lemon juice and stash in the fridge. You can either use them for something else, or in my case, add them to the crock pot once it cooks down some.

Pour in 1 cup of apple cider.

Put on the lid and set the crockpot for low and walk away.

Every couple hours or so, stir the apples to help them smush up. You can add spices if you want, I added cardamon and cinnamon.

Let the apple butter cook on low until it takes on a nice brown color and has reduced quite a bit. It may have a lot of liquid, so you can let it cook without the lid for the last couple of hours. This batch started yesterday about noon and it is now almost 7pm and almost done. Some recipes give a set time for how long to cook, but I've found that every crockpot is different, so it is a matter of just watching and waiting.

Once it is done, turn off crockpot and let the apple butter cool. I will package part of it to store in the freezer, some will be used for pies and some I will keep in the fridge to be waten for when we feel the need to have someting with apple butter.
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