It's never to late to start planning for turkey day, once I had last years leftovers in the freezer, I started thinking about this years.

I tend to be very set in my turkey day dinner, tho in the past I have done a few things differently, but when it comes to the bird, I like the way I cook it, so that doesn't change much.

Regardless of it is just hubby and I, or if I am having friends and family, I will cook for a small army. Mostly because we adore leftovers and I can do lots of meals with them.

One thing I did differently last year was instead of my traditional pumpkin pie, I made Paula Deen's Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie. OOOOOOOOO was it to die for, so I will be doing that again this year. So I need to make apple butter this weekend.

I like to do crockpot apple butter. I make a simple apple butter, just apples, some apple cider and spices. I don't add sugar to it, so it isn't suitable for canning, so I will divide it up and freeze what I don't need and can pull it out later.

I'll be off work Thanksgiving week, my mom is flying in to visit, so I will have time to do most of my cooking a head of time. I did that last year and wandered around the house the day before wondering what to do with myself LOL. Planning on that again. Being able to get as much done ahead of time really takes the stress of a person, esp if one is a novice cook.

I do need to get in and start cleaning out the freezers so I have room for stuff, not to mention tossing anything long past their time in there. Need to have room for leftovers hehehehehehe.

So time to start thinking of a shopping list and what I can get done early and into the freezer so it will be ready to pull out for turkey day.
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