Turkey day countdown and shopping list

A little over a week til the big day, so I've started my shopping list and am figuring out my plan of action. I'll prep the pies this weekend. I will put them together and put the uncooked pies in the freezer so I can pull them out when needed and bake.

Side dishes will also be done over the weekend and a couple days before hand and frozen, tho I will cook them so I can simply reheat in the microwaves.

I will make the bread for the stuffing over the course of several days. I like to use challah (an egg bread) and can make that in the breadmaker. I will do whole wheat bread in the oven.

So my shopping list so far:

turkey (biggest we can get)
brown sugar
cream cheese
cranberry jelly
appetizers (will either get already made ones or come up with somthing)
canned pumpkin (4 cups)
evaporated milk (1 1/2 cups)
4 deep dish pie shells

I'll be adding to this list as I think about the menu. I'm pretty set in what I serve, turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatos, yams, desert, rolls and such. Nothing really fancy. Hubby loves his stuffing tho, so i am looking at making a big crockpot full of extra, so am looking at recipes for that. I don't like stuffing/dressing made with dried croutons or bread crumbs, I prefer using fresh/day old bread of several different types. But I think I can come up with a pretty decent crockpot dressing that I can do a bit different then what goes in the bird.

Oh fribble, have to see about getting a new probe thermometer. I keep killing the probes. Unfortunately trying to get replacements locally is a pain since they don't sell the replacements except online. Last time we eneded up getting a whole unit that was cheap, but the probe fit my Taylor. It ended up being cheaper then trying to order a replaceent online, so will porbably hit Shopko and get another one (which gives ne an ANOTHER spare timer) since I rely on the probe thermometer to keep an eye on the bird without having to continually open the oven to ue the instant read thermometer.
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