Back into the swing of things

Now that the semester is over and the rest of the holidays are upon us, I've gotten back into the kitchen to work on bread. This weekend I restarted my sourdough starter. I had been bad and let the one I had previously die of extreme neglect in the fridge.

So I took my glass canister I use and popped in some yeast and warm wate and let it bloom (yes I know, this is cheating, but I like to cheat. Besides, after a couple weeks it will be using the natural yeast floating around the kitchen). I then added flour and mixed it to make a slurry and put the lid on loosely and set it aside.

After a while it was happily bubbling away and I added more flour and warm water as I need a bit for the bread I am planning on making later this week, along with some sour dough whole wheat waffles for breakfast this weekend.


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