Ketchup time

Or catch up time. Been a little lax updating this blog of late.

Thanksgiving went off with out a hitch (mostly) and good eats were had by all.

We were able to get a 25.5 lb bird at Winco. Unfortunately my refridgerator is too small and my deep freeze was packed full. Luckily it was pretty cold for that weekend and out onto the porch it went into the storage locker until I could get in to clean enough of the fridge out to remove a shelf. When that was done I was able to get the bird in to thaw in there for the rest of the week until the big day. Normally I would leave the bird in the freezer until the day before and thaw in the ice chest I put in the bathtub full of cold water. I was nicer this year as I didn't have to fuss with the bird for 24 hours while it thawed.

So Thursday morning I got up early, made the stuffing/dressing. 26 qts worth. I told hubby he'd better not complain there wasn't enough LOL.

I then got the turkey out of the fridge and onto the rack and stuffed it. I then seasoned it with lemon herb Old Bay and then injected it with wine:


I flipped the bird over and poked it with my probe thermometer to keep an eye on the internal temp:


Added a stick of butter, half cup water and a cup of wine to the pan, covered it with the roaster lid and into the oven it went.

The extra dressing went into the crockpot and a baking dish:


The turkey cooked nicely and I injected it with more wine and basted it once and hour and 45 minutes before it was done to come out of the oven I flipped it onto its back to allow the breat side to crisp up and brown:


Since I had made all the rest of my side dishes several days previously, all I had to do was kick back and relax and entertain my guests.

I had forgotten to make the dinner rolls, so I whipped up some, but really had no time for them to rise. Luckily they came out pretty tasty, if not a bit dense. The mashed potatos were yummy and the sweet potato casserole came out great after being cooked, cooled, frozen, thawed and reheated. The apple butter pumpkin pie was delish:

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie

and I have 3 more in the freezer, one I will take out on Wed to bake for the staff Christmas party on the 14th.

We had lovely leftovers for several days:


I still have lots of leftovers stashed in the freezer and I whipped up a pot of turkey noodle soup I added tom yum paste and coconut milk to to really make it special.
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