Happy New Year everyone.

I don't make resolutions, tho this year I am going to work on blogging better and getting more pics of the dishes I make.

I didn't quite get to all the baking and cooking I'd planned on, tho I did get my deep freeze cleaned out and defrosted, so I now know what is in there LOL. Found some stuff I'd forgotten I had, luckily I didn't have to toss too much stuff, but I won't be needing to buy as much meat as I thought I was.

I did pick up a couple packages of chicken quarters, which I processed and made 5 packages out of. Two I left plain and the other three I added stuff to. 1 package has fajita seasoning, another has ranch seasoning and the third I sprinkled in some Johnny's garlic ceasar seasoning along with some olive oil and lemon juice. All told I have packages for 5 meals with leftovers.

I turned my front hall closet into a pantry, so now I have more room for supplies and equipment. My 26 qt stockpot is living in there now, so it isn't taking up space on top of my fridge. My shelves are also better organized as some of the things on those went into the new pantry. Once I finish clearing out the one shelf in there I'll have even more room to put stuff. I do need to decant the mead that is still in the 5 gallon carboy and the bottles will get stored in the pantry also.

Friday I tossed the two turkey carcasses I had (the one from Thanksgiving and the small bird I brined and cooked for Christmas) and a couple chicken carcasses I found in the bottom of the freezer into my stock post and ended up with a goodly amount of almost turkey jello. That got packaged up into a number of 2.5 cup ziplock containers and are stashed in the deep freeze. I saved some out to make a pot of split pea soup with turkey instead of ham. I have some assorted beans I will use with the ham stock once I make that to make a nice hearty bean soup. I need to get more containers so I can store all the soup I have made and will be making.

Popped a small beef roast into the slow cooker yesterday after searing the sides. I sprinkled it with kosher salt, pepper and garlic powder. Then I added basalmic vinegar and worchestershire sauce and some water and let that cook a while. I then added a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic and about a cup of carmalized oninos I had stashed in the freezer. Once the meat was easily shreddable, I took a container of sour cream and mixed in a couple tablespoons of flour and then added that to the liquid in the cooker to make a sauce. Totally yummy and there are leftovers for tonight.
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