A quick Sunday breakfast

So Sunday hubby was hungry and I came up with a nice filling breakfast. From the freezer I pulled out a packet of pre-cooked hamburger, sliced onions and some shredded mozzarella cheese. From the fridge I pulled out some eggs, feta cheese and some leftover french fries.

I started by taking a cup of dehyrated shredded potatos and soaking them in 1 1/2 cups boiling water until they reconsituted (I do love my cheats). While that was happening, I thawed the hamburger in the microwave and then heated up the cast iron skillet. When that was hot, I put in a heaping tablespoon of bacon grease. Once that was melted, I tossed in the hamburger over medium heat to heat thru. I then added the onions after crumbling them up and then seasones with salt and pepper, along with some garlic & herb Old Bay seasoning.

I then drained the excess liquid from the shredded potatos and added those along with the leftover fries. I also added another teaspoon of bacon grease. I stired frequently, breaking up the fries in the process.

I scrambled 5 eggs with a bit of cold water and then added it to the hash mixture in the pan and stirred to make sure it was worked thru. I then added the mozzarella and feta, turning to melt them.

I served the hash with toast and butter and it was YUM!

This kind of a breakfast is a great way to use leftovers.
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