Today's lunch

Today's lunch
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Hubby wanted pizza for dinner last night as there was no place in town that sells gluten free pizza, we picked him a pizza up at Papa Murphy's and I stopped in to the Coop and picked up a few things.

The rotini is made of corn and is gluten free. I picked up half a pint of heavy cream and a small chunk of blue cheese (I was tempted by the Italian Gorganzola, but the pirce of the American blue cheese made it a better deal) and homeward we went.

While hubby's pizza was in the oven I filled a pot with water and brought it to a boil. Once boiling I poured in the pasta and set my timer for 5 minutes. The trick I learned while reading a few websites is to avoid over cooking the non-wheat pasta. The gluten in wheat pasta makes it more forgiving, but non-gluten pasta does not have that forgiveness. At 5 minutes I began to check for doneness as I like my pasta al dente.

When it was almost done, I heated up the cast iron skillet and added some butter. I drained the pasta and then tossed it in the skillet with the butter and tossed to coat. I then crumbled the blue cheese and added it and the heavy cream and a good handful of shredded mozarella for good measure.

Using tongs I mixed things about a bit and then pulled the skillet off the heat and just let things heat thru. Plated with a bit of beef that I had quick seared with a bit of garlic seasoning and I had a dinner to die for.

Hubby tried a bite of the pasta and then another bite, saying "I don't LIKE blue cheese" as he look like he was going to eat the whole thing LOL. Luckily I had already given him his pizza or else I would have had a fight for the pasta on my hands and no leftovers for lunch :D
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