Rice with mushrooms

A lot of times, it is the simplest recipes that are the tastiest. We had a potluck for lunch today here at work, so I decided on a simple and easy recipe, rice with mushrooms.

Rice and mushrooms

My aunt sends us goodies from Trader Joe's several times a year, and one is several packages of dried wild mushrooms. I start by breaking the 'shrooms up into a bowl and adding hot water and letting them soak.

When the 'shrooms are ready I measure out my rice and wash it using a fine mesh strainer and cold water. I used to wash it in a bowl, but saw the strainer trick on a Food TV show and have used it ever since, so much easier.

Once the rice is washed, I put it in a heavy pot, then I strain the 'shrooms, saving the liquid. I use the liquid along with water (vegan friendly at this point, I also like to use chicken stock) to cook the rice. I usually use the 2 cups liquid to one cup rice, gie or take a quarter cup or so when I double the usual recipe, in this case I did as I used 2 cups rice to make sure I had leftovers.

I set the rice on to boil and one boiling, added in the 'shrooms, turned the heat down to low and popped the heavy lid onto the pot and set the timer for 20 minutes. When 20 minutes rolled by, I set the pot on the back of the stove to sit, never once taking the lid off.

Once the rest of dinner was ready, I popped off the lid and fluffed the rice. It went well with my slow roasted beef roast and onion gravy. The portion I brought for lunch today heated up nicely in the microwave. The flavor from the mushrooms was more then enough to flavor the rice without anything extra.

Rice and mushrooms
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