Panfried Bluegill

So I had a mess o'bluegill to try out. For this you are going to need bluegill fillets and those take a while to do, but the end result is worth the effort, tho I don't think I will be deliberately catching bluegill, but if they happen to insist on being caught while I am trying to catch trout, then I will have me a fish fry hehehehehehehe.

So for this recipe you will need:

seasoning (salt, pepper, in this case Old Bay Lemon & Herb seasoning, or what ever suits your fancy)
bluegill fillets

Break out your skillet, cast iron is the best, and put in enough oil to bring the level up 1/4 to 1/2 inch and set to medium high.

Filleting will be a future post, but in the meantime you can do a web search for how to do it. I found this vid to have helped a lot and I can see where using an electric fillet knife would be a good thing. Would have made filleting a lot faster.
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