Ranch zucchini chips

While is might be a bit late for this year, here is a neat idea I got from one of my groups about different ways to use zucchini.

Zucchini chips, seasoned however you want and dried in the dehydrator.

Ranch zucchini chips

I peeled two zucchinis and then ran them thru my slicer to make 1/4 inch thick slices. I tossed them with a packet of ranch dressing mix and then layed them on my dryer trays. I ran my dehydrator at 100F until they were dry and crisp.

One of the zucchini was a larger one, so it is a bit on the bitter side and I did have to remove some of the larger seeds. Slightly smaller and younger zucchini would be perfect for this treatment.

So if you have zucchini over running your garden and you've sliced, shredded, frozen and made more zucchini bread then you can deal with, try drying them to make totally yummy chips. I'm also going to try this next year with squash.


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