Actually was feeling a bit better on Saturday after feeling like crap on Friday, so we wandered up to C&L Lockers to see what they had to offer in the way of meat. Walked away with a little over a pound each of ground elk and bison. Picked up a 2-3 pound beef roast to give it a try. Locally grown beef. If it is as good as our friends say it is, we'll look at investing in a bundle. While the price of the bundle is a bit more then we pay for beef at Winco (the bundle is $2.99 a pound versus buying what we can for less then $2.00 a pound at Winco), if the quality is good, then it would be worth it.

They also had a pork bundle and then a bundle they had with various meats and fish. So something to look at in the future.

Not sure yet how I am going to fix the elk and bison. I don't just want to do a chili. So am looking at various recipes for both. I will cook the beef roast this weekend, I think a slow roast with Yorkshire pudding on the side. I decided not to cook any of it this last weekend as being sick would mean not doing any of the meat proper justice.


Carolyn L. said…
Hi Jean: I'm always looking for a good place to get beef. Where, pray tell, is C& L Lockers?
JeanC said…
North, just outside of Moscow on the highway. Their address is 1695 Highway 95 N. It is on the left as you head north. They usually have a sign outside listing specials.

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