Improving packet gravy

One of my favorite cheats is packet gravy, which can taste fine, but can always use a bit of fiddling to make it good. Last night I cooked a beef roast and decided for easy packet gravy.

I used my cast iron skillet for the roast, I browned it with some canola oil and some sesame oil. I seasoned the roast with Johnny's seasoned salt, Johnny's garlic seasoning and pepper and into the oven it went. I added a bit of water part way thru and then pulled everything out and let the roast rest.

I added two table spoons of butter to the pan, which I had on a burner on medium high heat and let that melt to help loosen the fond a bit. I then added two packets of gravy mix (I was wanting serious gravy) and stirred that around a bit to soak up the butter and then let it cook a bit. I then added 2 cups of water per instructions and let it come to a low boil to thicken.

I let it simmer on low for a bit while I heated leftover turkey day dressing in the microwave and then I sliced the roast, which was done to a perfect rare. I poured the juices from the resting roast back into the gravy and stirred that in.

My hubby declared this the best gravy (okay, one of the top 3 and all of them mine) he's ever had. It was very tasty and I have a some leftover for another meal.


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