Potato benedict

potato benedict

Got a bit creative Sunday for breakfast. I'd forgotten we had picked up potato patties at the Grocery Outlet a while back, so decided I needed to do something with them.

I pulled out my electric griddle and some pancetta. I cooked the pancetta til almost crispy and in the meantime I put on the patties. I had moved the pancetta over some so the potato patties could cook in the pancetta grease. Once the pancetta was done I moved it to a paper towel to cook and drain a bit.

I then cooked eggs, over easy for the hubby, sunnyside up for me. I then made hollandaise with one of the packets I keep on hand.

When everything was done, I put down the patties, topped with egg and pancetta and then covered in hollandaise.

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And very, very filling. Made a great brekkie before we headed off to Spring Valley for the first time out in our new (used, but new to us) boat.


Garden Gnome said…
Oh that does look yummy :)

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