Potato benedict

potato benedict

Got a bit creative Sunday for breakfast. I'd forgotten we had picked up potato patties at the Grocery Outlet a while back, so decided I needed to do something with them.

I pulled out my electric griddle and some pancetta. I cooked the pancetta til almost crispy and in the meantime I put on the patties. I had moved the pancetta over some so the potato patties could cook in the pancetta grease. Once the pancetta was done I moved it to a paper towel to cook and drain a bit.

I then cooked eggs, over easy for the hubby, sunnyside up for me. I then made hollandaise with one of the packets I keep on hand.

When everything was done, I put down the patties, topped with egg and pancetta and then covered in hollandaise.

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And very, very filling. Made a great brekkie before we headed off to Spring Valley for the first time out in our new (used, but new to us) boat.
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