Amazing what you can find

at a Grocery Outlet store. We have a Grocery Outlet in Lewiston we have been shopping at of late. It is a neat place to find foods from other places in the country at pretty good prices. Only problem is, you don't always find the same product twice.

One item I've found a few times (and hope to again so I can really stock up) is fresh goat's milk cheese in 1 lb packages. What is REALLY nice is I only paid $3.49 each! In regular stores it is twice that for half the amount. Needless to say, I am rather hooked on it. I've also been getting Romano, sheep's milk feta and a hard goat's milk cheese for just as good a price.

The fresh goat's milk cheese is really yummy and makes a great spread on a bagel. Even better when I spread it on a bagel and bake it with some dried grape or cherry tomatoes that have been packed in olive oil:

Cheese bagel with goat cheese and dried tomatos in olive oil
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