Beef stroganoff

The above is a stroganoff I whipped up for dinner last night with London broil, crimini mushrooms, sour cream and onions. Stroganoff is a dish many new cooks blanch at the mere mention of, but it is a very easy dish to cook. The key is patience, even for a quick throw together dinner. I find that it works wonderfully well using even the cheapest cuts of meat that I will let simmer in the crock pot all day when I think to make it a head of time.

For last night's dinner, I cubed the beef and sauteed it a bit at a time in a bit of olive oil, making sure I didn't crowd the meat and then set it aside in a bowl while did the next batch of meat. Once the meat was done, I popped in the sliced mushrooms. Once they had a chance to cook down and release their juices, I added some balsamic vinegar and a bit of Worcestershire sauce and let them simmer a while longer.

When they were about done, I added some flour in anticipation of thickening the sauce and let the flour and mushroom mixture cook a while longer. I then added the meat back in with the accumulated juices. I added enough water to cover and a good sized dollop of beef soup base I keep on hand.

At this point I crumbled in some dehydrated sweet onions. If I had used real onions, I would have sauteed them before or after the meat.

I let the stroganoff simmer and when dinner was about ready, added the sour cream and let it all heat thru. In the meantime I cooked some egg noodles, drained and then buttered.
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