A delicious Sunday breakfast

Potato Benedict

I love potato patties and like to keep a package or two in the freezer so as to have them on hand. Yesterday I decided I wanted something a little bit different for breakfast, so decided on Potatoes Benedict. A friend told me a local restaurant has them on their menu and I filed it away for future reference.

My take on this leaves off the cheese, simply because it is rich enough as is, but I may try it with cheese next time.

I pulled out my non-stick griddle and heated it up. I melted a little bacon grease on it and popped on some of the frozen potato patties and cooked them until they were crispy brown.

In the meantime I took some thin sliced deli ham and popped those on the griddle to cook up some and then when the patties were done, transferred them to plates and topped them with the ham. I then fried the eggs on the griddle, sunny side up for me and over easy for the hubby.

Onto the ham and potatoes they went and I topped them with some packet hollandaise sauce I had handy in the pantry. I imagine it would be killer with some homemade hollandaise.


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