Gorcery outlet find

Tang Horchata, originally uploaded by JeanC38.

Found this Tang product at the Grocery Outlet and had to get it. Each packet makes a quart and is quite yummy. Pity is contains aspartame, even tho the first ingredient is sugar. The hubby can't do aspartame, so he can't enjoy it, but then again, it does mean it is MINE! MINE! ALL MINE!!!!! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!


I am hoping they still have it the next time I go back (the one problem with grocery outlets, is you find something you really like and it probably won't be there the next time you go in.). If they do, I am seriously stocking up unless I can find it elsewhere where it is stocked on a regular basis.

In the meantime I will be checking out some recipes online for making horchata at home and I can see about sweetening it with Splenda so the hubby can try it.

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