Quick and easy orange sauce

Homemade orange sauce

So the hubby had a craving the other day for chicken with orange sauce. Now Winco sells a pretty nice chicken with orange sauce, but it is WAY spicier then the hubby cares for. I find it just right, which means it is definitely too spicy for the hubby.

We checked the freezer section, most of the frozen varieties were pretty pricey and the one bottled orange sauce we found on the Asian section shelves was VERY pricey. So I decided to wing it.

We picked up a can of orange juice concentrate and some chicken nuggets and headed home.

I put the concentrate and a half cup of water into a sauce pan on medium heat. I added some rice wine vinegar and soy sauce to taste. I would guess about 2 tablespoons vinegar and 1/8 or a bit of soy sauce. As I said to taste, you'll need to experiment. Start with a little and add just a bit at a time until you get the flavor you like. I let this simmer for a while.

Hubby found the sauce to be a bit too tart, so I added about a teaspoon of sugar and continued to simmer. Once it cooked to the flavor he liked, I made a slurry of corn starch and water (a good heaping teaspoon of cornstarch) and added it to the sauce. I turned the heat up to medium high and let it thicken.

I heated up the chicken nuggets and served them with the orange sauce in bowl for dipping. Very yummy and I popped the leftover sauce into the freezer to have on hand the next time hubby gets a craving.

Now I like a bit of heat in my orange sauce as I have mentioned, so if I were making it just for me I would sprinkle in some red pepper flakes and let them simmer in the sauce.


Anonymous said…
Thanks the simple and wonderful recipt, I like it. Just like Jean said the the orange sauce in the market were too spicy, and the sweet and sour tastes are not liked by my husband, Therefore, I thought to make it myself. peggy

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