Homemade McMuffins

The hubby wanted sausage mcmuffins the other day, so rather then hitting the fast food joint I made our own. Since I am going meat free for the duration I picked up portobello mushroom Garden Burgers to replace the sausage patties in mine.

I didn't think to grab the camera when I started, so no pics of sausage patties cooking. I had picked up bulk sausage and used one of my hamburger patty presses to make the patties, popped them on the non-stick grill and cooked them up. Once cooked I set them aside to drain on some paper towel. I then put the Garden Burger patties on to cook:

Portobello mushroom patties

Made some molds for the eggs using a couple of water chestnut tins I had in the recycling bin I cut the bottoms out of:


Once the eggs were set, I took the molds off and flipped the eggs. I like my English muffins warm, so I popped a couple of those on the griddle to toast:

Most of the elements

When everything was done, I assembled them, added cheese and enjoyed:

Homemade McMuffin
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