Faux crab cakes - take 2 Tuna Fish

So the second variation of faux crab cakes on the menu was using canned tuna. All the recipes called for two 6oz cans, but tuna now only comes in 5oz cans. So since I again was using the various recipes as a guideline, I used 3 cans of tuna.

Started off with draining the tuna thru a strainer to get all the liquid out and then mixed in one lightly beaten egg, the Old Bay seasoning, quarter cup of mayo and at hubby's request, half a diced sweet onion. Added in the bread crumbs and prepped the skillet.

I for went the chilling of the mixture as it looked like it was firmer then the previous experiment. So I again fried them up:

Faux crab cakes - take 2 Tuna fish

Again they turned out dark brown, but delicious and served with a salad, made a very nice dinner. 3 cakes and the salad was very filling:

Faux crab cakes - take 2 Tuna fish

Now as a substitute for crab cakes, not even close. Not even on this continent. I would never recommend this to replace crab cakes with. I would however definitely recommend using the fake crab as a good substitute.

This makes a very yummy FISH cake and will definitely be going into my permanent rotation since it was good and canned tuna is one of the fish hubby will eat on a regular basis and I need all the yummy canned tuna recipes I can find since I can only handle tuna sandwiches for so long LOL!
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