I am always on the look out for different way to do veggies. Watching Iron Chef America the other day, they pointed out Iron Chef Japan using rice flour to make tempura. I've always used either a store bought mix or made it with wheat flour, so decided to give it a try doing home made with rice flour.

So picked up a package of Bob's Red Mill rice flour, a Texas Sweet onion (Walla Wallas aren't in season yet), some Crimini mushrooms:


Cracked an egg, then added the rice flour and mixed with ice water:




Quartered the 'shrooms and sliced the onion. I put some rice flour in a bowl so I could dust the pieces before adding them to the batter:



Using my Fry Daddy, I used vegetable oil and brought it up to frying temps:


I alternated a small batch of 'shrooms witha a small batch of onions until they were done. I had also sliced up a piece of steak, dusted and battered them and then into the fryer as an experiment.


Everything came out nice, tho I think I won't do steak bites again, at least with rice tempura. Maybe with a good wheat flour beer batter. The onions and 'shrooms came out perfectly and everything made a great dinner with a couple of dipping sauces.

Rice flour tempura is definitely going into my cooking rotation, can't wait to try it on different veggies. Another thing I will do is set the oven to low and stash the finished veggies in there while I work on the rest to keep things crisp until serving time.


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