New toy for my kitchen

Was chatting the other day with a co-worker and the subject of slow cookers, in specific my wish for a smaller one as the big 6 qt one I have is too big for certain applications I want to do, ie, overnight breakfast for the hubby. Well, seems he'd been gifted with a small 2 qt slow cooker he was reluctant to use as he is leery of leaving things plugged in like that while he is gone. He brought it in and gave it to me:

little crock-pot

I tried it out the other night with Alton Brown's overnight oatmeal. A few modifications on my part (a big handful of some dried figs and apple slices, a half cup of milk powder and no half and half) and hubby had a very delicious hot breakfast the next morning.

Next time I will see about spraying down the crock with cooking spray before tossing the ingredients in, I had some stickage of oatmeal, but no scorching at all. Can't wait to see what other grains I can make breakfast out of for overnight cooking.
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