Elk roast with sweet potato fries and gravy

Found I still had an elk roast hidden in my deep freeze yesterday, so decided that was exactly what I wanted for dinner.

I heated up some olive oil in one of my magnalite pans and tossed in some sliced sweet onions and the leftover mushrooms from the pizza experiment. I sauteed those for a bit and then popped in the roast, which I had sprinkled with salt and pepper. Then a generous dousing of balsamic vinegar to complete the seasoning.

Browned the roast and then into a 350F preheated oven to cook.

The fries went into the oven to bake about 15 minutes before the roast came out (I had the sweet potato fries, hubby had regular potato fries).

While the roast was out and resting I decided I wanted gravy. So I put in 3 table spoons of butter into the pan and let that melt and stirred the 'shrooms and onions into it. Since I am doing gluten free, I used rice flour instead of regular flour. I sprinkled it in and let it cook a bit and then added some powdered milk and then water. I let the gravy simmer on low for a while and it thickened up nicely.

Once everything was ready, I sliced the roast and plated with the fries. The juices from the roast went into the gravy and then the gravy onto the roast.

The gravy came out fantastic. Hubby said if I hadn't told him I had used rice flour he never would have noticed it wasn't wheat flour based.

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