Biscuits and gravy

I have been seriously jonesing for biscuits and gravy eve since I have gone off gluten and FINALLY was able to feed the need.

I was given a bag of Pamela's Products gluten free baking mix and then picked up a package of sausage. I mixed up a double batch of the biscuits according to the instructions on the package (a single recipe says it makes 5-6 drop biscuits, they must be tiny biscuits as I got 6 good sized ones from a double batch) and baked them:


In the meantime, I broke out my cast iron skillet and set to browning the sausage:


Once the sausage was browned thru I set the sausage aside in a bowl and drained off all but a couple of tablespoons of grease. To that I added a couple tablespoons of rice flour (for those folk who are not GF, a couple tablespoons of plain flour will work). Stir the flour into the grease and let it cook for a couple minutes over medium heat until the flour is well coated and has a chance to cook some of the floury taste out. Keep stirring to avoid scorching the mixture.



Pour in milk (I used about 2 cups) and stir to break up any lumps. Increase the heat to medium high and keep stirring until it comes to a slow boil and thickens up.



Add the sausage back to heat thru and add salt and pepper to taste. Break biscuits on to a plate and ladle the sausage gravy over the top.


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