Quinoa with wild mushrooms and feta

Had a potluck on Sunday so made some quinoa to take. I washed a cup of quinoa in cold water (it said it was pre-rinsed, but I rinsed anyway). While I was doing that I soaked some dried wild 'shrooms in hot water and thawed out some turkey stock I had stashed in the deep freeze.

When everything was ready the quinoa went into my favorite pot for cooking rice. Added the 'shrooms after squeezing out the excess water and then the turkey stock. Brought it all up to boil and then reduced the heat to low, put the lid on and set the timer for 20 minutes and walked away. When 20 minutes was done I turned off the heat and let the quinoa sit while I got out the other ingredients.

Letting the quinoa sit longer allowed any remaining water to be absorbed.

Took the lid off and turned the quinoa into a big bowl and let it cool. I drizzled in some olive oil and some sesame oil and mixed that in. Let it cool some more and then I added some goat/sheep milk feta. Topped it off with fresh chopped green onions and I had a dish to share with friends.
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