A wonderful cleaner

A while back I started cleaning my kitchen with vinegar. I'd tried a lot of the commercial cleaners out there, they all worked fine. But even the environmentally safe ones required refills and a trip to the store, more plastic bottles to get rid of and I wanted something that was cheaper and more flexible.

I'd been using vinegar and baking soda to keep my drains clean, so using vinegar was a logical choice. I use it for lots of other stuff (refrigerator pickling and fabric softener in my laundry to name a couple). I usually have a gallon bottle or two around the house.

There are tons of recipes out on the net, all are pretty simple at the base. Take orange peels, put them in a jar and fill with white vinegar. Put on the lid and store in a cool stark place (pantry is good) and let sit for a few weeks.

 Once it is ready, strain the vinegar out into another jar and you can then use it diluted with water in a spray bottle. I just use it straight up and always have a couple of bottles steeping so I never run short.

This is also very good for wiping down the inside of the microwave. You can pour a bit into a cup and microwave it for a couple minutes to get it nice ans steamy inside, then wipe down and clean any stuck on gunk.

 I like to then put the peels in the garbage disposal with some baking soda, a shot of vinegar and let it sit overnight. Then in the morning I run the disposal and flush with hot water for a nice clean smelling kitchen sink and disposal.

I save my orange peels in a baggie in the freezer so I always have those on hand for making fresh batches of cleaner.

So check out the wonderful world of DIY cleaners  on the net and try them out.


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