Stuffed burgers in the pressure cooker

So have been having fun with my Instant Pot since it arrived. I've done quite a bit in it, so far mostly pressure cooking, stock making and used the slow cooker function one weekend (worked beautifully).

So one of the things I made was stuffed burgers. I hadn't planned on using it for stuffed burgers, but when hubby asked one day what was for dinner, I said burgers. His reply? "In the pressure cooker?" I laughed, said I don't think you could do that, then I hit Google. Sure enough there were sites where people used their pressure cookers for making hamburgers. In specific, stuffed hamburgers. So I said, why not.

 I mix my burger with onion soup mix, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and fresh ground pepper. I use a patty maker to get a fairly consistent size when doing stuffed burgers. This time around I took string mozzarella sticks and used those to stuff the burgers. I always to my burgers in big batches, so made enough to stash several in the freezer and then I loaded up the cooker.

Was only able to fit in 3 stuffed burgers (they were pretty big) on to the rack and then added a bit of water. Set the cooker on manual for 6 minutes and waited.

When everything was done and the pressure vented, out came the baseballs, er, burgers. I am definitely going to have to work on time and making sure the burgers are shaped so they don't puff up when cooking.. The cheese stayed in the other two burgers pretty well, you can see this one split the seam.

I had sauteed mushrooms to go with it. Hubby had his burger & mushrooms on a bun with fries on the side.

I wasn't too sure about the texture, may have cooked it a bit too long. Next time will go with 4-5 minutes. Hubby liked his burger and said the texture was fine. I tend to prefer my burgers still mooing LOL! So that could be why I thought it was a little bit tough. But the flavor was good and the burger still nice and juicy.

I usually put my burgers in the oven on a rack to bake, usually from frozen. Have to look and see if they can be pressure cooked from frozen sometime.

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