Instant Pot chow mein

Hubby had a craving for Chinese for dinner, so I changed plans. Found this recipe for chow mein and headed to the grocery store after work to pick up what I needed.

I changed the recipe up a bit. Went with just a pound of pork, so I tripled the crimini mushrooms. I also added chow mein noodles. Got everything prepped, cut up, and diced and ready to go.

Set the Instant Pot to saute and when it was ready, added coconut oil to melt and then put in the pork to brown. Seasoned it with salt and pepper and when it had browned, removed the pork and added the onions to saute for a few minutes.

Then I added the pork back in along with the celery, red pepper, and the water. I pressure cooked it on manual for 6 minutes, let it natural release (NR) for 5 minutes, the quick released.

Added a bit more water and then the chow mein noodles and mixed it up to get them into the liquid. Lid back on, pressure cook on manual for 2 more minutes and then a 5 minute NR and then quick. 

Switched it to saute and finished the recipe as written. Hubby says I nailed it. I will never do chow mein any other way after this.. This recipe does make a LOT, will not use two packages of bean sprouts next time (didn't have any in bulk and no reason to save any for something else so used it all), so have lunch for me and hubby tomorrow (and maybe a side dish for dinner LOL!).


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